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Looking to become a barista? Learn how to land your first barista job and keep it, from 3 hiring managers at top NYC coffee shops!

Looking to land that first barista job? Want to be a better barista? Want to know how to hire baristas for your coffee shop? This podcast is for you. In this episode, we are talking to three people who are experts on how to get hired, and what will get you fired from your first […]

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Meet K Keener: The Most Interesting Woman in the World

This episode’s guest K Keener is a schoolteacher by day, Cabaret performer by night. Or maybe marathon runner. Or no, maybe a graffiti artist. No no, she’s definitely doing some blind coffee tastings to set the mood for the coffee shop walking tour she’s hosting in SoHo this weekend. You see, what makes K extraordinary is […]

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Award Winning Author Rachel Northrop on Eating Locovore and Coffee Tourism

Wowzers, two new podcasts in two months?! The Angels’ Cup Podcast is chugging along, this week with special guest Rachel Northrop. Rachel is the author of When Coffee Speaks: Stories From and Of Latin American Coffeepeople. In this episode, we chat about eating local foods, coffee tourism, writing books, and traveling the world. For more […]

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2018 US Cup Tasters Champion & Peixoto Head Roaster – Live!

Join us in our newest episode of Angels’ Cup Coffee Hunters podcast where we talk about coffee, taste and everything in between. Today we are talking to Spencer Aidukaits from Peixoto Coffee Roasters and Ken Selby, 2018 US Cup Tasters Champion. We learn about how Spencer and Ken both got started in the coffee industry, who […]

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Black Box Product Updates!

We’re pleased to announce some new updates to the Black Box: 100% Arabica, single-origin coffee, from top independent roasters, light to medium roast Each box includes 4 samples, 2.75 oz. each, 11oz total Blindly labeled – compare notes with a set of included cards or our community via the Angels’ Cup app Challenge your tastebuds […]

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How Different Coffee Origins Taste (usually)

At Angels’ Cup, we ship blind coffee tasting flights to our subscribers to help them develop a sharper sense of taste. People sometimes wonder what flavor notes they should look out for in each coffee, so we’ve compiled a short list explaining what flavors can most commonly be found in coffees from various origins. One quick caveat […]

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Driven to Win – Devin Chapman Talks Coffee Competitions and Industry Growth – EP. 11

Devin Chapman has an extraordinary resume. He started his career in coffee as the first employee at Coava, then moved to Verve, and then La Colombe. All three of those roasters have been featured by Angels’ Cup and we love working with them. Perhaps even more impressive, however, is the fact that Devin began competing after […]

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Growing Your Business and the Specialty Coffee Industry

James Hoffman recently published a blog post titled A Customer Conundrum where he mostly discusses how to convert second wave coffee drinkers to the third wave without coming off as a snobby. Here’s the problem statement in Jim’s words: We’ve tried in the past to appeal to the wider audience. We told them, loudly and proudly, […]

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Ristretto Colombia

2016 Aeropress Champ and DoE @ Ristretto Roasters: Coffee Talk w/ Ben Jones – Ep. 10

In Ep. 10 we chat with Ben Jones, Director of Education at Ristretto Roasters and 2016 US Aeropress Champion! After getting to know Ben a little bit, we dive right into his Aeropress recipe (see table below). We also get to learn a little bit about what Ben does as the Director of Education at […]

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Good Land Organics: Growing Coffee in Cali – Ep. 9

We all know good coffee grows near the equator. Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama. Aside from a few outliers like Hawaii, it doesn’t grow further north than southern Mexico. And for the most part it grows in poor countries. The cherries all ripen at a different time making picking by hand the preferred method, too expensive […]

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