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Growing Your Business and the Specialty Coffee Industry

James Hoffman recently published a blog post titled A Customer Conundrum where he mostly discusses how to convert second wave coffee drinkers to the third wave without coming off as a snobby. Here’s the problem statement in Jim’s words: We’ve tried in the past to appeal to the wider audience. We told them, loudly and proudly, […]

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NYC COffee

10 Best New York Coffee Roasters You Shouldn’t Miss

There are so many amazing coffee roasters in NYC and Brooklyn that we easily could have added another 20 names to this list. But we narrowed it down to the 10 we like best. Hope you find something new and exciting to try! 10. City Of Saints Coffee Roasters Brooklyn-born roaster City Of Saints unites people, businesses, […]

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Vinebox Wine Subscription Packaging

A Vinebox Review From the Founder of a Coffee Subscription

A few weeks ago, Angels’ Cup gained a new follower on Twitter. It was the folks at Vinebox, a wine subscription service offering small tasting flights. As the founder of a coffee subscription service also offering small tasting flights, I couldn’t resist signing up. I think my experience as the founder of a similar company (but in […]

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square one gesha

The Top 10 Coffees As Voted On By the Angels’ Cup Community!

This week, we launched a new subscription service, Angels’ Cup All Stars. What makes All Stars so exciting is that instead of just shipping our favorite coffees, we’ll be shipping our community’s favorite coffees. What better time than now to review the top rated coffees from our first year in business, as voted on by our app users! 10. Ethiopia […]

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10 Best Seattle Coffee Roasters for When You’re Ready to Graduate From Starbucks

It’s finally coffee weather, time to gear up with some good beans! So put down that Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (no disrespect, I had one yesterday), here are our favorites from the state known for making coffee cool -> Washington. 1. Conduit Coffee                         […]

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A Guide to Buying Coffee on the Internet: Gourmet, Specialty, & Third Wave Coffee Defined

Being interested in coffee, I talk to a lot of people about coffee and their approach to it. One of the things that surprises and interests me the most, is how different someone’s perception of a good cup of coffee can be from mine. More specifically, when I start talking about coffee, I am taken […]

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California Best Roasters Portola Coffee

The 15 Best California Coffee Roasters You Should Visit

When you think of California, you immediately think of wine, surfing, and Hollywood. But did you know that California is filled with talented specialty coffee roasters? You can do a caffeine crawl from Napa all the way down to San Diego. Here are some notable ones you should check out, and our favorite beans! 1. […]

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Shade agroforestry system at Oro Molido in Fredonia, Antioquia

Shade Grown Coffee: What it means for you, the farmers, and the crop

Coffee grows on trees, but it can also grow underneath and around them. Coffee is sometimes labeled as “shade grown” and in order to understand the benefits of shade grown coffee, it is important to review the different ways in which coffee in grown. Arabica vs Robusta Coffee is not a uniform crop; there numerous varietals of […]

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Gladys, left, with her farm in the background

Is Coffee Sustainable? Learn what these 3 big certifications mean for you, farmers, and the planet.

  Fair trade coffees and direct trade coffees aim to make coffee production a viable livelihood for farmers in the dozens of countries where coffee is grown. Fair trade is not a single, stagnant solution; it is an evolving model (really a set of models) designed to advocate to for people who have, in the […]

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The Most Expensive Coffee on Earth: Panama Geisha

A decent bottle of wine or a decent bag of coffee each cost maybe $15. But for a nice Bordeaux, it’s easy to spend over $100.  The best coffee, however, can be yours for only $19/bag.  That’s only $0.25 more per cup to go from supermarket brands to carefully selected single origin beans.  But these […]

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