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How Different Coffee Origins Taste (usually)

At Angels’ Cup, we ship blind coffee tasting flights to our subscribers to help them develop a sharper sense of taste. People sometimes wonder what flavor notes they should look out for in each coffee, so we’ve compiled a short list explaining what flavors can most commonly be found in coffees from various origins. One quick caveat […]

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Coffee Cupping

The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Palate

Best Practices for Building a Sophisticated Palate At Angels’ Cup, our mission is to help people develop a sharper sense of taste. Coffee is our medium of choice, but we certainly enjoy good whiskey, wine, and an occasional cigar as well. That’s why we asked people who work in these fields about how they train […]

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Growing Your Business and the Specialty Coffee Industry

James Hoffman recently published a blog post titled A Customer Conundrum where he mostly discusses how to convert second wave coffee drinkers to the third wave without coming off as a snobby. Here’s the problem statement in Jim’s words: We’ve tried in the past to appeal to the wider audience. We told them, loudly and proudly, […]

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Color Box Question

Closing the gender gap in coffee, wine, spirits, and food

In a recent Angels’ Cup Coffee Hunters podcast, the topic of women in high-level coffee industry roles was brought up. It’s generally agreed that women have a sharper sense of taste than men, but then why don’t we see more female q-graders (the coffee world equivalent of sommeliers)? And for that matter, why don’t we see more female sommeliers? […]

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Angels Cup Flavor Wheel

The Angels’ Cup Coffee Tasting Sheet (aka cupping form)

Taking notes not only helps you remember the things you try, but forces you to think about coffee in a systematic way. If you’re building your own coffee club, hosting cuppings, or just want a fun way to take notes, we hope this cupping sheet will help a bit.

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Beginners guide to angels cup

The Beginner’s Guide to Angels’ Cup

Welcome to Angels’ Cup! You’re about to embark on a journey that actually has nothing to do with coffee at all. It’s about you, developing a stronger sense of taste, and we’re here to help. This guide will answer some common questions new subscribers often have, and help you get the most out of your […]

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Vinebox Wine Subscription Packaging

A Vinebox Review From the Founder of a Coffee Subscription

A few weeks ago, Angels’ Cup gained a new follower on Twitter. It was the folks at Vinebox, a wine subscription service offering small tasting flights. As the founder of a coffee subscription service also offering small tasting flights, I couldn’t resist signing up. I think my experience as the founder of a similar company (but in […]

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Coffee Acidity – Flavor, pH, Acid Reflux, and Low-acid Coffee: Part 1

Depending on who you ask, acidity in coffee is either a) the cause of heart burn and/or acid reflux, or b) the source delicious fruity complexity, a highly desirable characteristic of the best coffees. Armed with a digital pH probe and inspired by an episode of Sesame Street I was watching with my son, I set out […]

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Coffee Extraction: Sour vs Bitter & how to tell the difference

We recently added a feature to the Angels’ Cup coffee app that lets you record brew methods AND the results.  If you’re familiar with brew methods like the Chemex or Aeropress, recording the brew method is straight forward. As you can see in the screenshot to the left, you can record things like temp, grind, brew […]

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3 Tips to Enjoy Your First Black Coffee

Do coffee snobs set out to drink black coffee, or do black coffee drinkers naturally become coffee snobs? It sounds like a chicken and the egg problem, but it wasn’t for me. I became a black coffee drinker first (to cut calories), and ended up becoming a coffee snob. Once the milk and sugar was […]

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