Joe Bean Gelana Abaya

Bored at Work? Quit Your Job, Move to China, and Become a Q Grader – Ep. 5

For episode 5 of our podcast, we speak with Christine Matta about her travels to China and how she became a Q grader. We explore what motivates Christine, what she’s learned about coffee and China,  where she sees coffee going in the future, and how coffee can promote equality. Most importantly, we hope Christine’s courage inspires you to […]

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Coffee tasting draws a crowd at City of Saints in Brooklyn!

How To Scale Your Coffee Shop with Organic Chaos – Ep. 4

For episode 4 of our podcast, we speak with Jim Osborne and Lanny Huang from City of Saints Coffee. This episode should be of particular interest to baristas, roasters, and coffee shop owners. We learn about how City of Saints differentiates itself by making each of its three locations unique. We get some tips on […]

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Augies Guatemala

2016 Cup Tasters Champion Austin Amento from Augie’s talks coffee – Ep. 3

For episode 3 of our podcast, we chat with Austin Amento, owner of Augie’s Coffee and winner of the 2016 US Cup Tasters competition. In 2009, with no background in coffee, Austin and his father bought a coffee shop. When it looked like all was lost and the shop would fail, what did Austin and his father […]

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Learn about Q Grading from Jeremy Brooks of Flat Track Coffee – Ep. 2

For Episode 2 of the Angels’ Cup Coffee Hunters podcast, we chat with Jeremy Brooks of Flat Track Coffee. Jeremy is Flat Track’s Director of Coffee and also a Q grader. Every single coffee you’ve tried, from Maxwell House to Panama Geisha, has been tasted and graded by a Q grader. It’s the most important step […]

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Color Box Question

Closing the gender gap in coffee, wine, spirits, and food

In a recent Angels’ Cup Coffee Hunters podcast, the topic of women in high-level coffee industry roles was brought up. It’s generally agreed that women have a sharper sense of taste than men, but then why don’t we see more female q-graders (the coffee world equivalent of sommeliers)? And for that matter, why don’t we see more female sommeliers? […]

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Angels Cup Flavor Wheel

The Angels’ Cup Coffee Tasting Sheet (aka cupping form)

Taking notes not only helps you remember the things you try, but forces you to think about coffee in a systematic way. If you’re building your own coffee club, hosting cuppings, or just want a fun way to take notes, we hope this cupping sheet will help a bit.

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NYC COffee

10 Best New York Coffee Roasters You Shouldn’t Miss

There are so many amazing coffee roasters in NYC and Brooklyn that we easily could have added another 20 names to this list. But we narrowed it down to the 10 we like best. Hope you find something new and exciting to try! 10. City Of Saints Coffee Roasters Brooklyn-born roaster City Of Saints unites people, businesses, […]

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Beginners guide to angels cup

The Beginner’s Guide to Angels’ Cup

Welcome to Angels’ Cup! You’re about to embark on a journey that actually has nothing to do with coffee at all. It’s about you, developing a stronger sense of taste, and we’re here to help. This guide will answer some common questions new subscribers often have, and help you get the most out of your […]

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Vinebox Wine Subscription Packaging

A Vinebox Review From the Founder of a Coffee Subscription

A few weeks ago, Angels’ Cup gained a new follower on Twitter. It was the folks at Vinebox, a wine subscription service offering small tasting flights. As the founder of a coffee subscription service also offering small tasting flights, I couldn’t resist signing up. I think my experience as the founder of a similar company (but in […]

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square one gesha

The Top 10 Coffees As Voted On By the Angels’ Cup Community!

This week, we launched a new subscription service, Angels’ Cup All Stars. What makes All Stars so exciting is that instead of just shipping our favorite coffees, we’ll be shipping our community’s favorite coffees. What better time than now to review the top rated coffees from our first year in business, as voted on by our app users! 10. Ethiopia […]

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