Award Winning Author Rachel Northrop on Eating Locovore and Coffee Tourism

Wowzers, two new podcasts in two months?! The Angels’ Cup Podcast is chugging along, this week with special guest Rachel Northrop. Rachel is the author of When Coffee Speaks: Stories From and Of Latin American Coffeepeople. In this episode, we chat about eating local foods, coffee tourism, writing books, and traveling the world.

For more Rachel, you can find her on Instagram @whencoffeespeaks, and on her website http://rachelnorthrop.com


I went down to Latin American interested in where coffee came from based on the interest that I saw among people in the US for where all of their food came from. Again, that was seeing I had been just freelance blogging about sustainable food and I was noticing people were very interested in what was called the “locavore” movement. Which was only eating food that was grown within a 50 mile radius or 200 mile radius or whatever they decided on and that was partly because one of the biggest carbon contributors for food supply is the amount of fossil fuel used to transport it.

I was curious… being a very regular coffee drinker on coffee and the locavore movement. If this is something that is always going to have to be imported from a significant distance, what is actually going on where it’s grown? Is there coffee that is more sustainable than another one? Is there coffee that is somehow superior, inferior, and also just the same way that you have conversations at the farmer’s market, about whatever it is with the people who are there offering different products. I was hoping to have those conversations with people involved in coffee production at origin. So that’s what the book is, a collection of stories with people involved in coffee at all points along the chain.

It’s that exchange of getting to welcome someone from another culture into your home that is truly incredible. I would say that my first advice is to go.


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