Brian Wang

Getting Down to Business with Brian Wang – Fitocracy Co-Founder Turned Executive Coach

Join us for our most recent podcast interview where we talk to Brian Wang (@brianmwang), the co-Founder of Fitocracy who has now transitioned into becoming an Executive Coach for other start-up founders at Dashing Leadership. We talk about the problems many start-up founders face like how to deal with problems between co-founders, being vulnerable, how to get more out of social media when it seems like it is not going anywhere, and nonviolent communication. An important conversation for anyone who is starting a coffee shop or interested in launching their own business. Our favorite quotes include:


If you view it more like a channel of having a conversation with customers and understanding them better and helping them succeed more in their lives with the product you’re offering, that may actually derive some insights that you may not otherwise get.

Once you’re able to say, ‘You know what? This is what I’m feeling. I own this.’ And then you kinda kick up that reaction within the other person who is invited to do the same and then you start to remove some the daylight between those two people, that’s when, ultimately that trust starts to get rebuilt.

If starting a business is the best way for you to live a life that will bring you a sense of purpose and help you live your values: things like creation, independence, challenge and so on, then sure, go ahead, start a business.

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