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How A Coffee Tasting Flight Changed Josh’s Life (and could change yours)

Throughout the years, we’ve had about a dozen people reach out to say that Angels’ Cup has changed their life. I can’t imagine a greater compliment. Our mission has never been about coffee, our mission is to help subscribers develop a sharper sense of taste. That’s a personal journey.

In this episode we meet Josh Puckett, who’s early experience with a Cupping Flight from Angels’ Cup inspired him to become a coffee q-grader. Josh reached out to enquire about sending us samples from the brand new coffee shop he’s roasting coffee for, Peach Coffee in John’s Creek Georgia.  We’ve since received samples and they’re spectacular. Here are some quotes from the interview.

It was the first time I ever tried coffee blind. I never tried anything like that. And just the whole experience of trying this coffee and just seeing what I can get from it was just an intoxicating experience. To be able to try and translate that and wrestle with what I’m feeling about the coffee. It was just really cool to be able to talk together and connect in such a different way.

I tend to prefer the slow route because I love just the investment you kinda get to have in the community. I think, you know, whenever you have that 1st customer that comes in and you just get to build that relationship with them and just kinda have that intentionality of like, maybe you don’t know that much about them in the first six months they come in but then the conversation you have that they have some kids or grandkids, just the slow process of getting to know someone over hundreds of 120 or 60 second experiences is a cool way to put down roots for a coffee shop.


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