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The Angels’ Cup Coffee Tasting Sheet (aka cupping form)

Record notes at a coffee tasting club!

With the goal of helping people develop a stronger sense of taste, Angels’ Cup has been launching Coffee Hunter meetup groups around the country. We currently have them in NYC, Philly, Atlanta, and San Fran, with more coming soon!

After a few club meetings, we decided to create a sheet that works like a paper version of our coffee tasting app. Taking notes not only helps you remember the things you try, but forces you to think about coffee in a systematic way. If you’re building your own coffee club, hosting cuppings, or just want a fun way to take notes, we hope this cupping sheet will help a bit. Feel free download, print, share, or make use of however you like!

How does it work?

  1. The form is two pages, print them front to back on the same sheet of paper.
  2. Fold the paper into quarters. The top half goes back first, then the left side goes back. That should leave you with a little book.
  3. You now have a little instruction book with tips and advice on how to taste coffee. Enjoy!


Download here

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