Gorilla Coffee – Fazenda Cachoeira, Brazil
(Tasting #0091)


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Try the Fazenda Cachoeira, Brazil from Gorilla Coffee! This is a natural process Brazilian coffee that really stands out from the crowd. A yellow catcall varietal at 1,200m which is relatively high for Brazilian coffee, it packs more acidity than the region is known for. It has some interesting fruit flavors and it stands out for its creamy mouthfeel.

Gorilla Coffee was started in 2002 hoping to someday be a part of New York’s rich tradition of service and culinary achievement. They dream of bringing great coffee to New Yorkers and beyond and has been making that dream come true everyday since then. They are very committed to quality, from sourcing the best coffee, to the precision with which it is roasted and packaged and their daily pursuit of knowledge and training. They truly love what they do and dedicated to the people of Brooklyn and NYC and in giving them the best coffee experience. If you ant to learn more about Gorilla Coffee and their bean offerings go to gorillacoffee.com.