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Little Red Wagon Coffee Laos Bolaven Plateau Siho
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Try the Laos Bolaven Plateau from Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters! Lao’s Bolaven Plateau has long been recognized for its ideal growing conditions for quality coffee. In the 1920s, French settlers started cultivating Arabica coffee in the region to take advantage of its high altitude, mineral-rich soils, cool temperature and abundant rainfall. The climate and geography of the Bolaven Plateau is perfectly suited for the production of high-quality green coffee. The plateau provides unique a unique advantage – adequate sunshine in the short Oct to Dec harvesting period, an average 1500 – 4000mm of rainfall a year, an altitude of 1000-1350 meters above sea level and the fertile red volcanic soil ideal for high grown coffee.

If you are a fan of Southeast Asian coffees this will be a real treat! The crisp veggie flavor is balanced by the smooth body and clean finish.

Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters launched in 2013 with the simple goal of creating an unforgettable cup of coffee. They roast unique coffees in small batches to bring you a cup yo won’t find anywhere else. Inspired by origin, they are committed to bring coffee from farm to cup. The team goes to countries of origin to bring back the best coffees they can find to Montana. Little Red Wagon’s style of roasting highlights the naturally occurring characteristics the beans have so you can taste the difference in each cup.