square-one-coffee-ethiopia-mokambaEthiopia Mokamba(Tasting #130)

Square One Coffee – Ethiopia Mokamba
(Tasting #130)


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Try the Ethiopia Mokamba from Square One Coffee! Ethiopia Mokamba adheres to the traditional berry forward natural Ethiopians we have come to know and love at some point in our coffee journey. The raspberry acidity is couples with blueberry sweetness that really sets the tone for this coffee. This is a fun and enjoyable coffee!

Square One Coffee is an award winning micro-roaster from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It’s a small family owned business and they take pride in their small batch, handcrafted approach to roasting and seeing the highest quality specialty coffee. They believe that the people involved in every step matter, from the coffee producers, to the farmers, to the barista. They believe in paying all of their employees a living wage and give them opportunities to learn and grow their craft which means they help improve the whole industry. They passion and love for coffee and people drive them to always improve their products and methods.