Roaster Spotlight: Cafe Integral

A Little Bit About The Roaster: Cafe Integral was founded by Cesar Vega and he wanted to showcase Nicaraguan coffee to the American coffee culture. This is a coffee company that approaches the business from the grower’s perspective and sees the coffee through from shrub husbandry to the final cup served. They are committed to cultivating the coffee formats core and origin and forming a close, familial relationship with the people in the community is at their core.

Why We Love Them: Cafe Integral is in our coffee community here in NYC and they certainly raise the bar for NY based roasters. We love what they stand for and all the work that they do in Nicaragua with the coffee community there. Not only do they have amazing coffees but they also continue to foster great relationships with coffee farmers and the rest of the community, which is good for the industry.

Our Favorite Coffee From Them:  The Honeyed Maracaturra for both of us. It is so perfect. Just comforting and well balanced but so many flavors to discover at the same time.

To learn more about Cafe Integral and the Nicaraguan coffees they carry, visit their website at

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