Roaster Spotlight: Coava Coffee

About The Roaster: Coava began in Matt Higgins’ garage in 2008. He was a barista and roaster who dreamed of roasting coffees that would excite baristas and everyday coffee drinkers. He worked to connect with coffee farmers who produced quality crops that had characteristics unique to single origins at the time. He was a pioneer in single origin coffees and laid a solid foundation to long lasting partnerships in the coffee industry. He brought great coffees to the Pacific Northwest and eventually opened a brew bar and roastery. To this day, they focus on quality, complexity, and balance in every cup. They provide award winning, highest scoring coffees to their customers.

Why We Love Them: They are one of the best roasters out there, and their award winning coffees never disappoint. They are ton of fun to work with and their coffees are even more fun to drink. The talent really shows in each coffee and cupping them has been an awesome learning experience for us. We loved lingering on their coffees and discovering all the flavors that they were able to bring out in each bean.

Our Favorites: I (Abby) actually really enjoyed the Meaza Ethiopia. Strong up front but it gets fruity as it cools down. I got a strong flavor of Calamansi in there which was amazing. Jeff loved the other Ethiopia (Kilenso). Blatant blueberry aroma, nice medium body and packs a little bit more punch than lighter Ethiopias we’ve had.




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