Roaster Spotlight: Gorilla Coffee

About the Roaster: Gorilla Coffee bean in 2012 with a dream of brining great coffee to the people of NYC. The approach is reflected in the people they serve. They understand the value of things and love their history while keeping an eye in the future. Gorilla is diverse yet the same and the city’s energy binds them together and drives them to be the best. Gorilla Coffee is committed to quality, from the coffee they source to the precision with which it is roasted and packaged.

Why We Love Them: Gorilla Coffee is a great addition to the third wave coffee roasters sprouting up in Brooklyn and Manhattan. They have a wonderful cafe in Park Slope, Brooklyn that has been a lovely place to relax and enjoy delicious coffee for people in the community. They are a stickler to quality and have great equipment in their cafes to provide with the best coffee. you can ask them anything and they are more than happy to educate and explore their coffees with you!


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