Roaster Spotlight:Treeline Coffee Roasters

About The Roaster: Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters launched in 2013 with the simple goal of creating an unforgettable cup of coffee. They roast unique coffees in small batches to bring you a cup yo won’t find anywhere else. Inspired by origin, they are committed to bring coffee from farm to cup. The team goes to countries of origin to bring back the best coffees they can find to Montana. Little Red Wagon’s style of roasting highlights the naturally occurring characteristics the beans have so you can taste the difference in each cup.

Why We LoveThem: We truly enjoy working with them and appreciate the work that they do. We love that they have such unique offerings and that they are willing to take risks for the sake of educating people about new coffees or new regions to try.

Our Favorites: The Laos tops our list. It was the first time we have ever tried any beans from that particular country, and it was so exotic and fun. One of our most divisive coffees we’ve ever shipped, it was a complex and interesting coffee. It’s exciting to see that you can get excellent coffee from this region/country. Definitely fun drinking this cup!

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