ROAST DATE:  13th of December



Roaster: Klatch
Origin: Panama
Process: Natural

Tasting Notes:
Bright and fun with a super light body and a mouthfeel
We are getting sweet notes of peach, strawberry, jasmine,
orange, and maybe pineapple.

Additional Info:
This special Geisha takes you on a true culinary journey
through an elaborate roasting process that began back in February of
First placed in a sealed steel tank that was infused with CO2, the
coffee cherries were then anaerobically fermented for 120 hours.
After fermentation this microlot was first slow dried for 44 days on a raised bed and then dried for 12 additional hours on a mechanical dryer.


Roaster: Café Kreyol
Origin: Columbia
Process: Semi-carbonic maceration honey

Tasting Notes:
Mind blowing coffee offering notes of rose water, jasmine and peach.
The body is super light and mouthfeel is clean and smooth.
You could confuse this splendid roast for a floral tea.

Additional Info:
This is a semi-carbonic maceration Geisha with
tangerine peels during the aerobic fermentation for 30 minutes.
Using this technique hasn't worked in the past with other Geishas so it was a
happy surprise to see how well it worked for this roast!
With only 350 lbs produced a year, Café Kreyol’s Columbia Geisha Spirit received a 94 from Coffee Review and it was a winning coffee for
"Roaster of the Year" from Roast Magazine.


Roaster: Theodore’s
Origin: Guatamala
Process: Double Washed

Tasting Notes:
This is an interesting coffee with a complexity that changes as it cools.
The body is a bit more moderate and gives an
interesting mix of notes that remind me of earthiness and mild
chocolate combined with florals, grapefruit, and mild acidity.

Additional Info:
Produced by Gonzalo Hernandez and Jose Padilla using
their special fermentation double washed method.
This Geisha is super elegant — deeply sweet and richly aromatic.


Roaster: Modcup
Origin: Columbia
Process: Hybrid Washed

Tasting Notes:
Super delicious with a very light body and clean mouthfeel.
The aroma is super floral and fruity and the taste does not disappoint.
Getting quite a bit of rose, lavender, plum, hints of strawberries, and honey.
The complexity is insane and every sip is enjoyable!

Additional Info:
A Geisha that travelled through an arduous process to land on your table.
Handpicked at peak ripeness and floated to remove
defects, the whole cherry was then fermented in water for 19-22 hours.
After, it was re-pulped and entered a second round of fermentation, this
time on parchment and mucilage for 35 hours.
Once it was fully fermented and washed it was mechanically dried between 35-45 degrees Celsius with a humidity of around 10.5%.