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Coffee A - #14242
Roast Date: 12/08/21 
 My Friend's Coffee
Origin: Colombia
Farm: Finca La Maria
Varietal: Gesha
Process: Natural
Tasting Notes: Definitely a lot of fruitiness and florals. Rather high acidity, but also very enjoyable. Getting notes of like bubble gum, strawberry, watermelon, lavendar, rose, and honey. Maybe there is a bit of durian fruit or something also.

Additional Info: The coffee's producer, Orlando Ospina, is an agronomist focusing on atypical coffee production, and this brew lays bear his expertise. But Orlando's not the only one at the estate's helm; his wife, Emilcen Sanchez, plays an equal role. Finca La Maria's husband/wife leadership sweetens an already-sugary cup. It's a mom 'n pop shop churning out Michelin-worthy crops.

Coffee B - #14243
Roast Date: 12/08/21 
Klatch Coffee Roasters
Dry Fermentation Natural
Tasting Notes: 
Oh wow, super fruity and acidic The initial taste is a burst of fruity acidity like cranberry and lemon. Getting a good amount of raspberry, cranberry, lemon zest. Florals like rose, some honey sweetness, but not much. Mostly acidic and sour. 

Additional Info: In Dry Fermentation, the coffee cherry is manually selected and cleaned, to make sure it is completely mature. The beans were later sun dried in the greenhouse to lower water levels and to achieve optimal sugar concentration. Then, they were placed into silage bags where they underwent an anaerobic fermentation process with wild yeast from our farm (natural bacteria) for a couple of days with the minimum oxygen possible. Afterwards, the coffee was placed in African beds at 1800 masl to slow dry until 11% humidity was achieved. Finally, the lot completed resting in our temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse.

The Chombi lot is surrounded by the shadow of cigua palm trees, right at the middle of the Mimas Estate farm located in Callejon Seco, Boquete, on the eastern slope of the Baru Volcano. This area consists of volcanic soil, drained on the slope of the volcanic mountain, at an altitude where winds from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans collide creating microclimates different from the rest of the country.

Coffee C - #14244
Roast Date: 12/08/21 
 Free Space Roasters
Origin: Colombia
Farm: Milton Monroy
Varietal: Gesha
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Tasting Notes: Wow, this one is very nice. Super fruity and juicy. Getting a good amount of fermentation taste like an aged wine or port. Reminds me of NinetyPlus experimental coffees. Getting notes of Plum, grape, tangerine, pineapple, mango. It is like a fruit medley basket. There are also hints of florals and honey. Maybe lavender and rose. Very nice.

Additional Info: This coffee was developed by Milton Monroy, in his farm San Cayetano, which is one of the most famous farms in the region of San Juan de la China, because of his unique and impeccable farming practices. Milton, began in coffee a long time ago next to his father, with the production of traditional coffees like Castillo and Caturra`s, where they learned all about the coffee crops.

After several years, they began to hear and see about this amazing variety Gesha, which they were automatically amazed after cupping this variety for the first time, and decided to go ahead and plant almost 25% of their farm with it! As Milton says, it’s been the best decision they`ve taken after starting in coffee. Not only they have mastered this processing of their Gesha, but also have become the current finalist of the COE by several years in Colombia.

For this precise micro-lot, Free Space worked together with Milton to achieve a unique profile for our competitions series, which came out to be so good we decided together to call it Gesha Clouds because this coffee is really touching the sky.

Coffee D - #14245
Roast Date: 12/08/21 
 Theodore's Coffee Roasters
Origin: Panama
Farm: La Esmeralda
Varietal: Gesha
Process: Washed
Tasting Notes: Super floral aroma. Taste doesn't disappoint, getting a lot of florals almost like drinking a cup of potpourri. Reminds me of rose, lavender, and cherry blossoms. Getting some fruitiness like cherries, strawberry, and apples. This is a really light bodied and refreshing cup of coffee! Very enjoyable! As it cools the florals and fruitiness comes out even more, very nice!

Additional Info: The air up in Jaramillo is a high up in the mountains kind of wet and cold, surprisingly perfect for making the aromatics of the Geisha variety sing. The farm jumps up from rolling hills on its lower part to steep 40 degree inclines higher up, making harvesting a manual and challenging affair. It is these high altitudes that really make the Geisha’s bright, floral aromatics express themselves. With cooler temperatures and massive shade trees that have been standing for ages, it turns out that Jaramillo is the perfect place for this variety to have landed. To this day many of our top performing microlots of Geisha coffee come from little patches on the slopes of Jaramillo.

To produce Private Collection Gesha, the farm uses only recycled water, sourced from the highlands near the mill. Proceeds from the coffee have gone to such programs as a school for the pickers' children during harvest with hot meals; a supply of rice, beans, and sardines for all harvesters and their families while they live on the farm; and a bi-annual bonus of at least 30%.