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2018 US Cup Tasters Champion & Peixoto Head Roaster - Live!

Join us in our newest episode of Angels' Cup Coffee Hunters podcast where we talk about coffee, taste and everything in between. Today we are talking to Spencer Aidukaits from Peixoto Coffee Roasters and Ken Selby, 2018 US Cup Tasters Champion. We learn about how Spencer and Ken both got started in the coffee industry, who has influenced them along the way, how they prepare for a tasting competition, ways to meet more coffee friends and develop relationships in the industry and what is next for both of them. Want to follow along after the episode? Follow Ken on Instagram @calumnious.human and Spencer @spencer.aidukaitis.

Favorite Quotes:

"Starbucks was definitely just the job we were working at. It was definitely the start to everything. So where I started at, they actually for a little bit had the manual machines but segued out immediately after. So, I got a taste off it and then stopped and it wasn't until I moved to Houston that I actually started working with semi-automatic machines and actually figuring out how to dial in espresso and brewing coffee better." "It's been wild. A lot of it feels like I'm a business owner. We're thinking of like, what to do next, all the time. When we first started, we were all kinda clueless about specialty coffee. It was all of our beginning. So, we've been really just growing together and just try to do the best we can." "There is such a wide swath of descriptive terms that are borderline synonymous but then sometimes very different from what it would taste like and I think that you would get bogged down if you were like, 'Oh, I'm looking for a tangerine flavor because that's what the first coffee gave me.' So when I actually taste it, I work by the finish." stitcher-300x96 GPMLogo