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An Interview (and Blind Cigar Tasting) With Kellen Gorbett - Founder of Standard & Twain!

An Interview (and Blind Cigar Tasting) With Kellen Gorbett - Founder of Standard & Twain!
Join us for our latest podcast where we speak with Kellen Gorbett, an Angels' Cup subscriber who was inspired to start his own blind cigar tasting club. Standard & Twain is a blind cigar tasting club where subscribers receive two cigars with the wrapper removed, a set of tasting note cards to record your notes, and a card to reveal the details on each cigar. As soon as I heard about this service, I signed up, and in this episode Kellen will be waking me through a tasting of two of the cigars I’ve received so far. Our favorite quotes include:
It will be interesting to talk about the differences in cigars and coffee. In the way they’re tasted, in the way the whole process from seed to the when you’re actually smoking or drinking. Because cigars hopefully you’ll be able to pinpoint some flavor in there. And then with this cigar in particular, hopefully it will change a little bit and that’s complexity with a cigar. Sometime it will start creamy and pick up spices as you go. Sometimes the opposite.
You have the wine spectrum of flavors, you have the coffee spectrum of flavors which is massive. Cigars are probably going to be a little more limited. It’s going to be more on the brown and green and yellow spectrum. Occasionally you’ll get maybe like a cherry, something like that.
One of my best friends is a roaster in Dublin and when he smokes cigars he sends me the most amazing description of the flavors he’s getting. I think the coffee industry is next level in the intricacy and palate.
It started because a bunch of my friends, several years ago, would get together. This was after college and we had gone our own ways. And around Christmas time we’d get back together and cigars are such a cool thing. For example I’ll smoke a cigar with a friend on the back porch at night and the lights will be off, and his wife will walk out there. And we’ll just be sitting out there in the dark with these cigars. And in any other scenario she’d be like “what are you guys doing out here”. But we have a cigar so it’s perfectly normal.
We sit around, we catch up, talk about life, and have a cigar. But we wanted to take it to the next level. So we’d have everyone go to a cigar store, find the most unique cigar you can find, remove the label, set them all out on the table, and select which cigar you want. Then you smoke it and whoever bought the cigar tells you what it was and you learn all about it. And that’s kind of how Standard & Twain evolved, because you would learn more about cigars that night more than we would smoking cigars throughout the year. So I thought why don’t we do this all the time and make it something other people can do.
Big thanks to Kellen. I had a ton of fun doing the cigar tasting, and I’m sure you would too. Conveniently, Kellen has offered a totally free box and a cigar cutter to listeners of this podcast. Use coupon code "FIRSTBOXFREE" at standardandtwain.com to receive your first shipment totally free. That’s a killer deal, but it expires October 1st so act fast! stitcher-300x96 GPMLogo

An Interview (and Blind Coffee Tasting) with Bianca Bosker - NYT Bestselling Author of Cork Dork!

An Interview (and Blind Coffee Tasting) with Bianca Bosker - NYT Bestselling Author of Cork Dork!
Join us for our most recent podcast interview where we talk to Bianca Bosker, New York Times Best Selling author of Cork Dork: A Wine-FUELED Adventure Among The Obsessive Sommeliers, Big Bottle Hunters, and Rogue Scientists Who Taught Me to Live for Taste. We talk about Bianca's journey writing Cork Dork, the myths about being a naturally talented taster and ways to improve your sense of taste, and how to buy wine to impress. There is also a live blind coffee tasting! The perfect thing to listen to if you want actionable ways to improve your palate or just want to know more about wine and how it relates to coffee. Our favorite quotes include:
I embrace a philosophy that I’ve applied to wine and it’s something that I learned from Paul Grieco who runs Terroir and I ended up working for him. And he used to make people promise to never try the same wine twice and when I first heard that piece of advice, I thought it was crazy. You know, like people collect deep into specific vintages and winemakers, but, the more I got to thinking about it, the more I realized that he was actually completely wise...I’m always trying something I haven’t had before.
I’ve always been obsessed with obsession so it was really for me, I think I started obsessed with the people that obsess over wine and by the end of it, I was a person obsessing over wine and I continue to be and that was something I hadn’t expected.
You go back to that two pieces of information strategy: what do you want to spend, what flavors do you want, and if the answer is that you don’t really know what flavors you want or what flavors your host might want, get something with a story.
I think you’ve answered your own question. Now I’m really not going to be able to drink coffee the same way, right? I think that’s so exciting. It’s all just words unless you have your own association. Now I’m going to be on the looking for “what is the natural Ethiopian”. We have whole parts of the world who’s coffee I haven’t tasted and I want to.
Big thanks to Bianca for joining us and being open to new experiences, we had a great time enjoying wine, coffee, and cheese together! Bianca's book is beautifully written and great fun to read. You should grab a copy before you forget, it's $9.02 well spent. stitcher-300x96 GPMLogo

Getting Down to Business with Brian Wang - Fitocracy Co-Founder Turned Executive Coach

Getting Down to Business with Brian Wang - Fitocracy Co-Founder Turned Executive Coach
Join us for our most recent podcast interview where we talk to Brian Wang (@brianmwang), the co-Founder of Fitocracy who has now transitioned into becoming an Executive Coach for other start-up founders at Dashing Leadership. We talk about the problems many start-up founders face like how to deal with problems between co-founders, being vulnerable, how to get more out of social media when it seems like it is not going anywhere, and nonviolent communication. An important conversation for anyone who is starting a coffee shop or interested in launching their own business. Our favorite quotes include:
If you view it more like a channel of having a conversation with customers and understanding them better and helping them succeed more in their lives with the product you're offering, that may actually derive some insights that you may not otherwise get.
Once you're able to say, 'You know what? This is what I'm feeling. I own this.' And then you kinda kick up that reaction within the other person who is invited to do the same and then you start to remove some the daylight between those two people, that's when, ultimately that trust starts to get rebuilt.
If starting a business is the best way for you to live a life that will bring you a sense of purpose and help you live your values: things like creation, independence, challenge and so on, then sure, go ahead, start a business.
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