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Meet K Keener: The Most Interesting Woman in the World

Meet K Keener: The Most Interesting Woman in the World

This episode's guest K Keener is a schoolteacher by day, Cabaret performer by night. Or maybe marathon runner. Or no, maybe a graffiti artist. No no, she's definitely doing some blind coffee tastings to set the mood for the coffee shop walking tour she's hosting in SoHo this weekend. You see, what makes K extraordinary is that every year of her life is devoted to setting an audacious goal in some new field of interest. Fortunately for us, three year ago K devoted herself to learning everything she could about coffee, and that's when she found us at Angels' Cup. Part of the magic of K is that she's not only a gifted learner, but also a gifted educator, and she's fearless when it comes to teaching the things she has only just learned herself. Her mission in coffee is to expose people to specialty coffee as For more K Keener:
We have these sommeliers of coffee, who rather than leading coffee tours and coffee tastings and going by restaurant tables and discussing differences of wine and writing in ways that people can read about the great things about wine, they just kind of stayed out and talked amongst themselves. So that's what happening in coffee. We have really great coffee people who are largely just talking amongst themselves and no one understands that this beautiful cup of coffee is not the same thing as their Dunkin' Donuts coffee.
The genius sense that the things we love and goals that we pursue take us to these very strange practices that people have no idea of the behind the scenes of trying to master something.
Food photography a lot better than coffee. So when I think about the wine industry, a lot of that education in terms of wine is happening at the local shop level. It is encouraging people to taste wines. Have conversations about wines, visit wineries. And we really have not had that open door, "let me teach you about this thing that we think is wonderful" kind of outreach in coffee.
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