Holiday Gesha is back! The 2022 Box will feature a coffee that will blow your mind! Holiday Gesha is back! The 2022 Box will feature a coffee that will blow your mind!
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The Top 10 Coffees As Voted On By the Angels' Cup Community!

The Top 10 Coffees As Voted On By the Angels' Cup Community!
This week, we launched a new subscription service, Angels' Cup All Stars. What makes All Stars so exciting is that instead of just shipping our favorite coffees, we'll be shipping our community's favorite coffees. What better time than now to review the top rated coffees from our first year in business, as voted on by our app users!

10. Ethiopia Aramo (#0111)- Spotted Cow Coffee Co.

"From the start after grinding, the overwhelming aroma of blueberries dominated. It continued through the brewing and althoughthe overall taste ended up being much more complex, the whole experience really lifted my mood." - Magiccoffeetruck spottedcow aramo

9. Bali Kintamani (#116)- Sunergos Coffee

"Smooth flavor defintiely without bitterness. Light and almost refreshing!" - Coffeehunter 520 Sunergos Bali

8. Colombia San Roque (#228)- La Colombe Torrefaction

"This coffee reminds me of campfires and the forest. It first comes across as sweet but then starts to get more woodsy in taste." - Coffeehunter 2839 la colombe workshop colombia san roque

7. Natural Process Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (#093)- Bespoken Coffee Roasters

"Most notable flavor int he coffee is blueberry. It has flavors like grape, cherry and bubblegum. This has a complex profile that creates a wild cup!" - Coffeehunter 147 bespoken

6. La Esperanza El Salvador (#229)- Coava Coffee Roasters

"Strong blueberry notes explode with a grapefruit undertone. Semi-sweet chocolate finish with a rose-like lightness." - Coffeehunter 1928 coava coffee el salvador la esperanza

5. Panama Pinton Gesha (#075)- Post Coffee Co.

"Delicate, sweet, and extraordinarily interesting." - Coffeehunter 201 Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 3.56.56 PM

4. Ethiopia Ardi (#182)- Topeca Coffee Roasters

"Wow! Berries blast you up front followed by a tropical mango-like sweetness and a finish of black tea with a touch of grapefruit." - Rick Nakama Topeca-Coffee-Ethiopia-Ardi

3. Kenya Nyeri (#088)- Gimme! Coffee

"Nice smooth taste. Easy to drink. I want more of this coffee! Not sure I know how to describe the flavors and aromas so may be wrong there. I haven't even touched the cinnamon rolls the were supposed to accompany my cup of coffee, it's delicious on its own." - Coffeehunter 294 Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 7.06.52 PM

2. Kenya AA Gakuyuni (#220)-Beanfruit Coffee Company

"Wow #220 delivers! A rich chocolaty aroma which gives way to floral notes. The flavor is complex yet clear; notes of honeydew and dark chocolate at first taste, and a subtle grapefruit finish! The aftertaste is superb as well." - David Beanfruit Coffee Kenya AA and Ethiopia Chele'lektu

1. La Esmeralda Panama Gesha (#176)- Square One Coffee Roasters

"Aromas of citrus and lavender upon brewing and in cup. Fantastic sweetness, delicious citrus notes and acidity and a sweet aftertaste that reminds me of Fruit Loops." - Kremrik square one gesha

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