Every week we review the tasting notes left by Cupping Flight and Black Box subscribers to identify our top rated coffees, then ship a full 12oz bag to All Stars subscribers. That means you get to try our best coffees, and it's super fresh because it ships straight from the roaster. Weekly subscribers will still get to try 52 different coffees each year, so there's no lack of variety and it's our cheapest subscription option per oz!

What it includes

1 crowdsourced coffee

Screened first by us, then voted on by subscribers. Rest assured this coffee will be delicious!

12 oz bag

You know, a normal sized bag. Delivered in the roaster’s own packaging.

Makes 192 oz of coffee

That's 16 mugs. Will last most individuals roughly 2 weeks.

Angels’ Cup All Stars is perfect for:

The fresh-o-phile

Because at 10 days off-roast you may as well brew a cup of potting soil. All Stars coffee ships straight from the roaster on the day it's roasted. If your karma is good, it should get to you in 3-5 days.

The bean counter

On a per oz basis, Angels’ Cup All Stars is not only our most delicious coffee, it’s also the cheapest subscription option! You no longer have to feel like you’re breaking the bank to get the best.

The Perfectionist

The full 12oz bag gives you plenty of chances to dial-in your coffee or experiment with different brew methods. If you’re using our app, you’ll also get coffee-specific brew guides directly from the roaster!